Why should I take out a Funeral Plan?

A funeral plan is a means by which people can protect their loved ones against rising funeral costs and help eliminate any uncertainty or indecision regarding what a person’s preferred arrangements should include.

How does a Funeral Plan work?

Our Funeral Plans work on the same basis as most other plan providers, in that the money a customer pays for their plan is invested in a ring-fenced trust fund. Through the investment of the trust fund, the monies grow in value over the course of the Planholder’s lifetime.

Then when the Planholder passes away, monies (+CPI uplift as applicable) are released from the trust fund and paid to a local, reputable, funeral director who then carries out the funeral in accordance with the instructions contained in the plan.

Do your Funeral Plans cater for Burial, or just Cremation?

Yes. In their basic format, our Funeral Plans cover cremation only. However, with the exception of the Direct Cremation option, ALL can be tailored for burial, although the customer will need to purchase a burial plot themselves directly from whomever owns the cemetery at which they wish to be buried.

If i move to another part of the UK, will it affect my Funeral Plan in any way?

Provided the new location you move to is within the UK, then your funeral plan will not be affected..