Why should I place my Will into secure storage?

So you have chosen who will inherit your estate, but how will your Executors (your legal representatives) know where you have kept your Will after your death?

Should your Executors be unable to locate your Will, then your wishes may not be carried out.

At Sterling Wills Ltd, we highly recommend placing your Will(s) into our Secure Storage facility. Not only does this give you peace of mind, it gives comfort to your chosen Executors as they are aware that your Will is in storage.

We issue all of our clients who elect to place their Wills into storage a Certificate, which gives all the needed information to retrieve your Will from storage.

Are there any charges to retrieve my Will from storage?

No, we do not charge for retrieval of Wills.

What is the cost to store my Will?

We make a yearly charge for storage of Wills.

Single person’s Will

£25.00 per year

(Payable by cheque, bank transfer or standing order.)

Pair of Wills

£35.00 per year

(Payable by cheque, bank transfer or standing order.)

Not only are you protecting your Will from theft, loss or damage, but you’ll also be eligible for amendments to your Will at a reduced cost.

I have made a Will with another company, can I use your Storage Service?

We are unable to offer our Secure Storage service for those who have not instructed ourselves to prepare the Will. Should you wish to make a new Will, please Contact Us.

Can I cancel my storage arrangement at any time?

Yes, providing that all payments are up-to-date, we can retrieve your Will(s) and send these to you via Recorded Delivery.

Should you wish to place your existing Wills with us into our Secure Storage facility please Contact Us.