Will Writing Service

Making your Will(s) can be a daunting thought. Here at Sterling Wills Ltd, we make the process of making your Wills as easy and as comfortable as possible.

There are many factors of preparing your Will(s) such as:

  • Choosing your Executors (your legal representatives after death);
  • Anticipation of Marriage;
  • Guardianship for young children;
  • Protecting the inheritance of a vulnerable person;
  • Ensuring that children from a previous relationship inherit from you;
  • Specific gifts (such as money or jewellery);
  • Funeral Wishes;
  • Excluding an individual from inheriting from you.

Each of these, and other areas, are explained during your appointment ensuring that you are receiving the best possible advice.

What are the costs to have a Will made with Sterling Wills Ltd?

It’s not always possible for individuals to visit our office for their appointment, so we are pleased to offer our Office and our Home-Visit service:

The Cost

Single Person’s Will – £180.00

Wills for a Couple – £260.00

I would like to book an appointment with you, how can I do this?

Booking an appointment with us is simple. Complete our Contact Us page where a member of our team shall contact you to make arrangements; email us at info@sterlingwills.co.uk, or call us on 0845 4900324.

What happens after my appointment with you?

Once we have taken your instructions, we then begin to prepare your Will. Within 14 days from the appointment, we post (or email) a draft copy of your Will – only for approval purposes. Should you wish to reflect on this and make changes you may do so at no additional cost.

Once you have approved your draft copy by contacting us, we then arrange a second appointment and prepare the final Will for signing and witnessing, where we act as the witnesses for you – all under one roof.

Is there a time limit to approve my draft?

Making your Will(s) is an important decision; as such, there is no time restriction for you to approve your draft Will(s).

Depending on your circumstances, it may be possible to skip the draft stage and proceed to the final Will. However, this gives you very little time to reflect on your wishes and discuss them with loved ones.

Contact us today to arrange your no obligation appointment to make your Will(s).